Our Affordable Animated Video Pricing is Lower
than You Expected...

Now, get more bang for your marketing dollars with creative, attention-getting and affordable animated video at pricing you can afford.

Affordable Animated Video Pricing

Make an Amazing First Impression

Showcase your products and services with a professionally produced animated video.

Introduce or Demo New Products or Services that WOW Your Audience

An imaginative, animated video is one of the most effective ways to grab viewer's attention.

Promote Your Message on Multiple Platforms and Many Locations

Display your Animated Video on your Website, on Social Media (YouTube, Facebook) 
In your Office, Store, Trade Shows, Kiosks, or as your own HD commercial on TV.

Affordable Animated Video Pricing - Ready to get started?

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Select one of the Video options below or contact us for a longer, custom Animated Video


Starting at $149

30 to 45 seconds
2d animation characters
whiteboard animation
Professional script
Background Music

Custom Pro

Starting at $249

60 to 75 seconds
All animation styles
3 to5 professional images
Professional script
Background Music

Custom Plus

Starting at $599

90 to 120 seconds
All animation styles
5 to 10 professional images
Professional script
Background Music

Expand your marketing AND attract more attention.

Here's how it works:

1.   You request a quote and tell us about your business using the form we email to you.
2.   Once we receive your completed form, we schedule a consultation with you. (takes about 30 minutes)
3.   We develop a concept and create a compelling script tailored to your audience.
4.   We share the characters, images and storyboard with you for your approval.
5.   We create the voiceover track and match the images, whiteboard, animation, and characters to it.
6.   You view the post-production preview.*
7.   You get an attention-grabbing, expertly crafted, multi-use Animated Video.

In Post-production preview, you review the results. We make suggested edits if necessary.
In short, we do everything for you... You just need to take the first step.