Affordable Animated Video Production for Business

Tell YOUR story and expand your marketing reach with affordable animated video production services for small business.

Make a lasting impression on potential clients and customers
with attention grabbing animation.

Animated Video Production Services

Reach more people with our creative, multi-purpose, and affordable animated video production services. Make your business look like the big companies with high definition to display on your website, send in your email, post on social media sites, show at trade shows, or even on TV. 

Our Affordable Animated Video Production Services include:

  Sales promotion Videos
  Product and Service Introduction Videos
  Trade Show & Kiosks Video Presentations
  Training Videos
  Now-Hiring Videos
  Explain Your Product/Services Videos

Animated Video Production Services
Big companies use Animated Video Production Services
The Winner is Video Production Services

Animated videos capture attention (even in competitive markets)

Here are some reasons animated videos work

  • We have all watched cartoons since childhood, and are conditioned to think of cartoons 
    as non-threatening, and non-salesy. 
  • Simple color and action slip right past the critical mind so you won't need to shout your
    sales message with a cartoon. 
  • Everyone is bombarded by ads all day long, so even a moment of cartoon is relaxing.
    You let the images and characters do the talking.

Imagine...getting something as powerful as a commercial, in full HD quality, at a price that's affordable for small business

Our animated video production styles and services include: Fast-draw animation, cartoon animation, motion graphics, script writing, background music and voice-over talent (based on package selected).

How this process can work for you

​1.  You tell us about your business:      
     from concept to production, we focus on your                                    solutions for your clients/customers.

​2.  The script for your video is written by our team:      
     Naturally, our script is subject to your approval.                                By the way, the script is crucial.

​3.  We create an Amazing Animated Video for your      
     business: you can display your video on your
     website, social media, at your store, at trade shows,
     even as your own HD TV ad. Most importantly, it 
     plays like a champ on mobile.

What People Are Saying About Our Solution

Our customers love our new Animated Video At first we were hesitant because it seemed like the solution was too simple for our customers, but we took a chance and have been very happy. Our video is now on our website, our Facebook page, and we are planning a display in our store to create conversations with our customers.

Kristen Caldwell,

Business Owner

My business was OK, but this made us seem more human. We came across this solution by accident and I’m glad we did. We use our video on Facebook, on our website, and on our online community bulletin board. Very happy with the results.

James Casity,

JC Drain and Plumbing

Finally, a fun, visual way to communicate your message, reach more people, and generate leads and sales.