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We love our new animated video. It really sets us apart from our local competition and simply gives potential customers one more way to feel comfortable working with us. Great Job guys!

James Casity 
Plumbing Contractor

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​What you can expect as we work together

1.  Complete a short 7 step Questionaire that we email to you. This will let us understand your message so we can recommend a video style or combination of styles that works best for your business with one goal in mind, encouraging prospects to take action. (About 15 t0 20 minutes by phone, or you can email us the information.) 

2.  Our talented writers begin creating a story and script to best convey your message. Even if your video does not include voiceover, the script is still crucial. We welcome your ideas, takes 4 to 5 days.

3.  After the script is completed and approved by you, we begin the project art design. We create the storyboard and present it to you for edits if needed (up to three revisions in this production phase - about 5 to 7 days).

4.  Review your voiceover and let us know of any edits or adjustments. 

5.  Our production team produces the video and presents it for review. Once approved, your Amazing Animation Video is complete and ready to share with the world. All of our videos are HD 1080 in MP4 format and will display on social media sites (YouTube, Facebook), on your website, in a kiosk, at a trade show, in your office or business location, and even as a TV commercial. You will receive your digital file to keep for any future use.

Here's a brief recap of our products. You can order any of our Amazing Animated Videos with 100% confidence you will be getting a great video that will make you look like the solid, professional business you really are and will get your message through the clutter, delivered fresh to your prospects attention. 

Just getting started with animation advertising? Maybe you think short is better. Whatever your reasons, this is an excellent choice. You get a minimum of 30 seconds, up to 45 seconds if needed, to tell your story. You have access to our 2D character and white board animations along with background music. This package has on-screen script with voice over. All of our videos are HD 1080 in MP4 format, making them perfect for TV advertising also.

Our Custom Pro is uniquely yours, from script through animation, white-board, fast-draw, motion graphics, 3 to 5 stunning images, background music, 2D characters, sound effects, and more.
The only difference between this package and our Custom Plus package is in the length of the video and number of images.
Remember, all our videos are HD 1080 in MP4 format, making them perfect for TV advertising also.
Need more reasons, here’s three:
1. Stand out from the competition as you easily explain complicated procedures and messages.
2. Wow your viewers with engaging video that grabs attention from the first seconds.
3. Grow sales and profits with the power of animation.

Some businesses prefer a longer message. Maybe your business takes a bit more explaining, or has more technical features. Maybe you simply want a longer video. This is an excellent system for you.
You get everything in the Pro package plus more time, more images, more whiteboard (if needed), more story. But, don’t worry, your audience will be glued to their seats while you deliver your important message.
All of our videos are HD 1080 in MP4 format, making them good for TV advertising also.