Low cost business marketing tips

Looking for low cost business marketing tips?

Even if you have enough money, why throw it away on expensive marketing?

Here are 5 low cost business marketing tips that can definitely help your business.

1. Know your target market. For instance, who is your ideal customer or client. You will find that 80% of your profits come from 20% of your clients. Decide who your 20% are and get in front of them, either virtually or in person.

2. Be sure your website looks great. You can create an excellent site for free using WordPress, and if you are technically challenged, we can help you with that for a very reasonable cost.

3. Create your business page on Facebook  and  LinkedIn. Don’t be bashful, say exactly what you do and be sure to link your pages to your website.

4. Take advantage of the business cards starter kit from VistaPrint. Actually you can get letterhead and envelopes there too, but at least get business cards today.

5. Set up your profile in Google My Business. Take pictures of your business and add them to your profile. Make sure their map points to your location. If you can find time it will pay you to also get listed in Bing and Yahoo, but at least get on Google.

Another 5 tips for your business.

6. Use video on your website. People like video, therefore they will watch your video but may never read the same information. People upload 500 hours of video to YouTube every day, so there must be a reason. You don’t need expensive equipment anymore, which means you can record video on your smart phone. Search Youtube to see what other businesses are doing and begin getting your thoughts together.

7. Be sure to write a press release and upload it at PRWeb.com. You’ll be amazed at the newspapers and websites that will reprint your information. Also, PRWeb will coach you on writing good copy.

8. Start collecting email addresses. Ask web visitors if they would like to receive some helpful tips from you or special pricing on sale items. Don’t fence yourself in by saying you will produce a weekly newsletter because people don’t like weekly newsletters. Just say you’ll let them know if anything interesting comes up. Be sure to use a good system such as MailChimp, Constant Contact, etc. to get permissions in place.

9. Join a local networking group such as LeTip, BNI, or a similar group in your area. You will probably find even more low cost business marketing tips in these groups. Remember Zig Ziglar‘s famous quote: “you can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want”.

10. Spend time where your customers spend their time. Join the local Chamber of Commerce. You will spend a bit of money but consider it an investment. This is also a great place to pick up more low cost business marketing tips from fellow business owners.

Wrap up with these ideas for growing your business.

11. Be an active participant in your community. You’ll be surprised how many times local media outlets publish your name and/or picture when you donate some time locally. This is not the place to talk business, instead, this is the place to be a real person.

12. Take inventory of all your talents and any unique features of your business. There are many things you do easily but others don’t know how to do. Don’t be bashful because if you don’t let others know your special talents, who will?

13. We mentioned PRWeb earlier, but remember, you can use the same press release in your area as well. Many times a paper needs community input and will publish your article. It could be the same thing they would have charged you for if you bought advertising space. Of course, you will be buying advertising space later, however, just not today.

14. See if you can find a local chapter of ToastMasters. You’ll meet new people and brush up on your public speaking. Develop your ability to give your “elevator speech” on the spur of the moment. Learn to say exactly what you do in one or two sentences. This is also a great place to share low cost business marketing tips with others.

15. Your car can become a mobile advertising unit with a simple magnetic sign, or a tastefully painted rear window.

Hopefully these will get your imagination going so you will grow your business and see all your dreams come true.

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