Sean West founded  our Internet services company in 1999, however, this is the earliest screen capture we could find on The date here was August of 2000.

At that time we called it Sean West Express and used the site to help businesses get online using a software called EZ-Net Tools. It is an excellent software that allows business owners to make their own changes in real time.


This is the screen capture from 2003. It looks the same, but was also being used as a website to promote bands and other artists. I guess you could call that site a “jack of all trades”.

At the same time we were adding self produced videos to client’s sites. Most were one minute commercials with the business owner talking directly into the camera, but, hey, it got the job done.

2004 – the company is growing and made a name change. We are now IWest Internet.

We still had the same passion and vision: helping business owners create websites to get their message out.

At this point we moved all bands, musicians, and artists to their own sites and focused on businesses.

2012 and Flash was popular, so naturally we rebuilt our site using Flash. Unfortunately only about half of all computers could read Flash and even now it doesn’t show up in the archives.

But it sure did look nice for a little while.

In 2016, we decided to focus on animated videos as the best way for business owners to get their message across without having to go in front of a camera.

It was a fun couple of years and we produced many animated videos for business owners around the US.

We still create animated videos, of course, and now frequently add them to WordPress websites we build for clients.

Animated Videos for Small Business

And, presenting our new look for 2020.

We still build websites, make videos, create animated videos, and more for our clients.

Looking forward to an exciting future.

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