Web Video History

Web video production at our company has been going since the year 2000. We were uploading videos before YouTube was even born.  I guess we should have kept a copy of all of them, but then again, maybe not. Most were pretty boring, with the business owner talking into the camera.

Hey, wait, they still do that!

Well, when it’s a passion, you don’t think about the fact we were on the cutting edge. We were having fun doing it.

Still true.

We produce affordable videos for your website by having thousands of video clips in our work room. These are HD, and even 4K videos if requested, that communicate the main points of your business. We also create unique videos that combine written script along with images to get your message delivered.

Web Video Production

Web Video Production

We have created many videos over the past few years.

We sure don’t want to bore you with all of them, but here’s one we did recently for an Estate Sales Company in California.

It is simple and short, but has helped the company sign up new customers for their services. It’s amazing what can be communicated with a few simple tweaks and script overlays. So, if you are camera shy and can’t imagine being on screen (you’re not alone), we have a a great solution for you. Don’t worry, be happy.

For this demo we just left everything intact, including their contact information.

We can produce affordable videos for your website. These are HD and even 4K videos if requested, that communicate the main points of your business.

Contact us today for a free consultation and see if we can make a video for your business.

Web Video Production Team

Many Ways to Put Video on Your Website

The Web Video world is wide open and waiting for your production. But, wait a minute, you say. “I don’t know anything about web video production”. And we say “so what”. We’ll show you how, or better yet, we’ll make one for you.
As humans, we have many pre-conceived ideas about video. We think about production costs, scripts, make-up artists, and on and on. However, the truth is much simpler. You can easily create a video with words and pictures that are so compelling, your visitor won’t even think about you not being on screen. Here’s an example from one of our real estate sites.