Why Choose IWest?

We keep our production costs low without sacrificing quality, therefore creating true value for your business. Our blend of beautiful motion graphics and animation produces a unique message delivery system for you that can be used in many ways to grab attention and promote sales.

In what format will I get my video?

Every video we produce comes to you in full HD in the industry standard MP4 video format. What this means to you is that your Amazing Animated Video is good enough to play on any television broadcast just like the big companies. You can truly step into the “big leagues” of TV advertising if you choose..

In what style do you create my video?

We can create ANY style of animated video. We do not, however, come to your location to film or record video for your project. That’s one way we hold down costs for you.

What about revisions?

You may need revisions after production has already begun. We include up to three revisions during production at no additional cost.

How fast are your turnaround times?

Our normal turnaround times are excellent compared to industry standards (about two weeks), but if you truly need something on a rush we will do our best to accommodate you.

How can I be sure what I’m getting.

From pricing, scripting, animating and reviewing, we keep you in the loop, so you will know what to expect. No surprises here.

Who writes the script?

We do. Just like Hollywood, everything starts with a script. Our writers tell your unique story in a way that grabs and holds attention. Of course you have the option of providing your own script.

Can I get my video in other languages?

We produce in English language but your final product can be in the language you choose. There is an additional translation fee which varies but we give you a firm quote before beginning production.

Do I get the raw files?

Yes, we provide you with the source files we used for creating your website or video so you can host and edit your digital products.

What about a landing page for my video?

For a small, additional fee we can create a landing page to showcase your video. You will find this service well worth getting. Videos can get ignored if they are just sitting on your website.

Do you offer exchanges or refunds?

Since we produce a digital product, we do not offer product exchanges.

We require a minimum 50% deposit in order to begin work on your website and/or video.We only offer refunds on any monies paid if no work has been started after we have received your written instructions to begin the work. If we receive written instructions from you to begin work, and then you notify us in writing to stop work on the order, we will assess what work has been completed and issue a refund for any work that has been paid for but not completed.

Do you offer warranties.

All finished videos will be delivered in HD, and MP4 format.

All videos will be original and not infringe on any copyrights.

All files will be free of damage and suitable for upload to any video hosting channel.

All works will be “works for hire” meaning that you will own your website and/or video, free of any licensing or copyright fees to IWest  or other entities owned or controlled by our company.