Business WebsitesYour business website will show that you mean business, that you are here for business and business is what you do. You might also have a bit of fun along the way,  to let everyone know you are human.

However, the bottom line is you are here to transact business, or at least start a trusted business relationship.

Your new business website needs excellent graphics, of course, and some videos to replace a thousand words. However, at some point you need words. You need great copy to convey your message.

No matter what business you are in, you are first and foremost in the marketing business. Your website needs to become the “go to” place for trusted advice. Therefore we think it’s a good idea not to make it a soapbox to shout about how great you are.

So, even though you explain and demonstrate your features, always remember your viewer wants to know the benefits. “What’s in it for me” is the 800 pound thought in the room.

Solving problems is your number one skill set, which includes promoting the benefits of your business.

We have built websites for just about any business you could name, including some very hard to please attorneys. Don’t tell them we thought they were hard to please.

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