Beautiful Examples of Web Animated Video
What Better Example of Web Animated Video
Web Animated Video

Characters bring life to your web animated video just like actors bring life to the movies you love. We all watched cartoons as children, and as a result, that shared experience makes characters in your web animated video projects seem non-threatening. Defenses are down and therefore, your commercial message gets delivered. So, do what the big companies do and use your web animated video to reach out and touch your target market.

If you don’t have cartoon characters for you video, we will create them for you.

Web Animated Video

Web animated video will give your website a fresh, new look. As a result, you can set yourself apart from the crowd and get the phone to ring more than before. Here’s an example we did for a client:

Publishing a short animated video commercial gives your company a different look, which adds a special touch to your message. Just think of the examples you see on television every day and you can easily understand the impact they have.

We’ve had many clients use this exact approach and it works. The reason is that animated videos are non-threatening and off the beaten path. Also, they are just plain fun.

We can help develop your characters and bring them to life on your website. Let’s talk!

Whiteboard Video

To give our animated videos an even more engaging effect we also use hand-drawn, whiteboard video.

The beauty of whiteboard is that the viewer watches the creative process come to life. As a result, it’s like watching an artist work.

Everyone is intrigued by the creative process, so just like jazz, this one unfolds. Also, it is very captivating and enjoyable.

We can help you develop your own unique characters for your video, and create a story for you!

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