About IWest

We have been creating and uploading videos for clients for a while now.

Things are changing rapidly. Last year online viewers consumed 76 minutes of video each per day. 39 of those minutes were spent watching video on mobile devices. Over 80% of all Internet users now regularly watch a video online.

Another thing that has changed, even in the past five years, is that attention spans are shorter now. And, people are tired of ads.

All of the above are included in our “about” page for a reason, which is to let you know what we’ve been doing, what we’ve learned along the way, and what we plan to do now.

We plan to make more high quality, clear and concise videos for our business clients that will help them cut through the clutter and gain attention quickly.

Because “quickly” is about all the time you have to get a viewer’s attention.

Our team is constantly researching every idea and technique that will help our clients make sales.

As we say, it’s simple to grasp concepts but not always easy to implement them. We think we can do both.

We’ve done a lot of amazing things for clients but none of that matters unless we can help you.

If you review our site and think we might be able to help you, just click here. If you decide we are a good match for your goals, we will ask you a few basic questions about your business and make recommendations for you. No pressure, no obligation, just education. If you like what you hear let’s get to work.