Instagram reels

We are now offering Instagram Reels for Small or Large Businesses such as real estate agents, investors, and rehabbers. Instagram Reels and TikTok videos are taking over the Internet. If you want to keep up with the leaders in your marketplace, you need to take advantage of these tools now. This new style of short form video will help you reach thousands of potential buyers and sellers, and grow your following much faster! You can now take advantage of the power these tools offer in your own marketing.

With tough competition from TikTok, Instagram is now prioritising reels and video over photos. What does that mean for your business strategy? You need to be prioritising your reels also. This means posting more organic reels and using music as well as hopping on Instagram trends.

In social media, it’s not about the quantity of likes, but the strength of connection that really matters. Let’s talk about the real magic in those connections. Sure, big numbers might be the bright, shiny toys, but they’re just part of the picture.

What truly shines are the authentic conversations, shared stories, and the genuine support you offer. It’s in those exchanges that appreciation grows and understanding takes root.

So here’s a thought: Instead of chasing after a number of new faces, how about investing your energy on the connections you have now. Focus on nurturing those connections – the ones that make this platform a place of inspiration. Move past the vanity of big numbers and delve into the meaningful connections that make our world a brighter place.

So, find a good source for your reel making activities. You can also contact us if you need reels, we can help.

Here is a quick sample of a short video that we can brand for you and upload in minutes. These videos look great on mobile (68% of all Internet is now viewed on mobile) and will link to your website.