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What are the most important components needed to make the best whiteboard animation videos?

The software?

Actually, the software used to create whiteboard animation videos is available from several vendors, the prices are reasonable, and they all draw whiteboard animations. We prefer VideoScribe but, it’s not just the software.

OK, maybe it’s the quality of the SVG’s (scalable vector graphics) you use that yields the best whiteboard animation videos.

Hmm…That’s not it either.

Many of the best whiteboard video animation videos use images that are just average looking.

Maybe it’s like comedy and it’s all about getting the timing right.

That certainly helps, of course, because you don’t want your viewer to sit through a painfully slow process, but you don’t want the drawings to go by faster than the human mind can process them either.

Your might think of other factors I’ve missed, but as of right now I think it boils down to two important factors:

The Best Videos all have these crucial components:

One is our curiosity about the act of creation. It’s mesmerizing to watch things being created and coming to life. That’s why construction companies put those little peep holes in the fences around their projects.

best whiteboard animation videos

It’s why people stop to watch street artists in the act of creation. For instance, it’s the reason people love jazz. You are there, with the artist, in the moment. Your mind is trying to guess what the next notes are and where this melody is going. And, so it is with whiteboard.

We are fascinated with that blank page that fills in line by line until there’s a picture of something we can recognize.

It’s also the reason that the best whiteboard animation videos use a human hand as the “artist” that is drawing the picture. We don’t feel that same connection without that hand.

The most important component to use in creating the Best Whiteboard Animation Videos

The most important factor is the same thing that makes a great movie – it’s the script and the story. Whatever the subject matter of your whiteboard animation video, or any video, there must be a compelling story that draws in the viewer. The best videos present a question or problem and provide an answer. In movie terms, you have a protagonist and an antagonist.

It may be a problem or a need that the viewer didn’t even know they had until that moment, but it has touched a nerve that says “hey, you must be speaking to me because I feel that way too”, or “wow, I didn’t know that“.

Best Whiteboard Animations

The “I didn’t know that” viewer is the reason that the best whiteboard animation videos make good explainer videos. Let your audience have an “aha” moment as they get something words alone would not convey.

We would love to create a whiteboard animated video for your business, no matter what kind of business you are in.

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