Animated Videos for Small Business

Animated Videos for Small Business are no longer a luxury because there’s a huge tidal wave of video coming. Internet VIDEO is now over 75% of all consumer Internet traffic.

How can your business compete and come out on top?

One solution is to get started with video marketing now.

Here is a better idea:

Better yet, start using Animated Videos for Small Business to grab attention and stand out from the competition.

We have all been conditioned since childhood to enjoy animation and view it as non-threatening, and even non-commercial. As a result, your message can slip in under the radar and get your viewer’s attention.

You only need to watch TV for a few minutes to realize that all the major advertisers are using some form of animated video commercials, and we watch them, don’t we?

Why use animated videos for small business

The exciting thing about video animation is you can make it as simple or complex as you need in order to get your message delivered.

We prefer to use characters for short videos and whiteboard for longer, “explainer” videos. Either way you get animation to help move your message. We also love to create “TicToc” or “Short” style videos. That is videos created as if you are taking the video with your cell phone in upright, not horizontal position. Therefore you will be able to get your message delivered quickly. These short videos are becoming more popular because of the short attention span of viewers today.

Small business heaven:

Our animated videos are especially good for small business owners because they are affordable, but still provide excellent communication.

You do not have to pay huge fees to get a great video.

Want to find out more about animated videos for small business?

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